John David Hamblen, D.D.S. (Retired)

Meet Dr. Hamblen

John David Hamblen, D.D.S.

A note from Dr. Robinson and Dr. Hamblen  April 24,2020

Happy Friday morning to all our dear patients.  I hope you are staying well, healthy, and happy!!!   I do have many important topics to share with you and I will be sending another email about our startup date, protocols, and appointment flow next week.  

Right now, I want to share with you a letter from Dad (it is attached below).  He has decided to retire, and I share this with you with both sadness, joy, and honor!!!  Dad has practiced dentistry for 57 years!  I may be a bit prejudiced, but I truly believe – he is one of the best clinicians I have ever known.  His work has always been beautiful and crafted meticulously!  You know him as loving and caring and kind! All these qualities together have given me the mentor of a lifetime!  When I joined Mom and Dad in the practice in 1993- I began living the dream in dentistry. Then when Mom retired, Cindy – my sister – joined the practice.  Cindy and I have undoubtably been the luckiest daughters to work with and see our Dad every day! So, we will be sad not to have him at the office and we ALL will miss him at work desperately!  Yet, the honor and privilege of carrying on the Hamblen dental legacy—that brings a big fat smile to my face.  Cindy and I will be proud to carry on the work of Mom and Dad!!!  

If you know Mom and Dad, they are also a love story gone wild!  Their love and commitment to each other is amazing and beautiful.  So, I have no doubt that they will continue to enjoy each day, living, loving, and laughing!!!!  Even though, when Cindy and I called them yesterday, Mom said he was out in the dog pen “working”.   Hmm, could Dad have been in trouble??? Haha!!  How can 2 people have so much fun quarantined? So—even though it sad to say he is retiring—it is a well-deserved rest—and it is comforting to know he and Mom will enjoy their time as a retired couple!  Ornery and fun!  

 I do want each one of you to know—our team and I will take care of each one of you. And for Dr. Hamblen’s patients, remember I’ve learned from the best, and I might even sing to you! 

Much love,

 Kelly Robinson 

To All of My Wonderful Patients:

I hope you are all safe and healthy!

Since Susie’s and my ages put us in the highest risk group, we decided to heed the health warnings and have stayed home. We are both in good health.

This has given us a lot of time to think about what we should do next, and we have decided now is the time for me to retire.

I want to thank each of you for your friendship and your overwhelming loyalty through all these years. 

It has been an honor to have you as patients.

This decision was made easier by knowing Dr. Robinson has the knowledge, skill, and experience to take care of you in a beautiful manner!

John David Hamblen, D.D.S.